Chris Siemens

Chris Siemens

Chris was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB. He grew up playing football and other team sports, but always had a passion for the extreme. With the release of Drop In (MTB TV show) in the early 2000s, a fire was lit in his heart. Freeride was the new game, so Chris started developing his bike handling skills on dirt jumps and in skateparks. Finding roofs and stair sets to huck off, the air miles started racking up.

Fast-forward to 2006 and Chris took his first trip to BC to ride downhill at Panorama resort. The fire grew bigger. This started the trend of annual trips to BC until 2014 when he moved to Kelowna. This is when he met the great people at Fresh Air and a relationship was born.

Nowadays you can find Chris traveling around BC in his Tacoma shuttling, building trails, and riding bike parks. Always on the lookout for big jumps to collect more air miles for bigger smiles. Winters are spent on downhill skis or snowshoes. To keep in shape and injury free, you’ll find him aboard his trail bike, or doing pilates.

Chris is out for one reason only; the love of the ride, which can be seen in his high energy and stoke. If you ever come across him on the trail, you'll probably hear him before you see him. To keep up with his latest antics, follow him on Instagram, or check out his videos on Pinkbike and YouTube.

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