Fresh Air Cherry Blossom Triathlon Training Clinic

Fresh Air Cherry Blossom Triathlon Training Clinic

New to triathlon?
Want to learn how to train?
Want to have some fun?

You'll get a 4-week training program that you can follow along with coached swim, cycle and run sessions including technique and practice. You'll be coached on transitions, nutrition and a full race day plan so you know what to do to get the most out of your day. At the end of the sessions, you will participate in a mini race and take home a training program including running, cycling swimming, strength and stretching. Get the low down on all the gear - what you need and what you don't. We will be there for the Fresh Air Cherry Blossom triathlon to give you pre-race support and cheer you!


Who should join:

  • clinic for anyone who ever wanted to race in a triathlon but doesn't know where to start
  • those who have raced a Tri or want to race & want to feel comfortable & learn more
  • friendly and non-intimidating environment
  • basic swimming, cycling, running, experience required 

Fresh Air Cherry Blossom Triathlon - May 7th (Sprint Distance)

Dates:            Clinic Dates for Fresh Air Cherry Blossom – April 8th – May 7th Race Day

Locations:    Swim sessions and transition training – Parkinson Rec Centre

                        Run and Bike sessions – Fresh Air Concept – 555 Groves Avenue

Investment:  $220 (see schedule below, Parkinson Pass and Race Registration not included)

Coaches:      Emanuela Bandol and Vanessa Tilson


What you get:

  • 3 swim, 3 cycle, and 3 run sessions suitable for all levels including technique and practice
  • a mini mock race at the last session
  • take home training program for; run, cycle, swim, strength/stretching basic program
  • discussion on nutrition pre, during and post-race, injury prevention, goal setting
  • the low down on all the gear; what you need and what you don't 
  • coaching on transitions, and a full race plan so you know what to do race day
  • Race day support by your coaches


  • 10% off on the Fresh Air Cherry Blossom Triathlon registration fee
  • $20 Fresh Air Shoe Bucks
  • 20% off a 1-hour massage with Jayson Bates of Gravity Float & Wellness
  • HandleBar Moustache Socks
  • Skratchlabs Individual packets 
  • Skratchlabs discount card
  • Quidni Estate Winery Bottle of Wine
  • Fresh Air water bottle
  • Fresh Air waterproof wallet 
  • Parkinson Centre Admission to the pool included





      Coached Workout Schedule (additional plan provided upon registration):

      Fresh Air Cherry Blossom Clinic Dates:


      Date Session Location Duration
      April 8 Swim/Run Parkinson Rec Centre 1pm-4pm
      April 15 Swim/Bike
      Parkinson Rec Centre
      April 22 Bike/Run Fresh Air Concept 9am-12pm
      April 30 Mock Race Parkinson Rec Centre 2pm-5pm
      May 7 Race Day H20 Centre GO TIME!