Fresh Air Women's Run Clinic

Fresh Air Women's Run Clinic

6 Weeks to Your Best 5/10km

Registration for the 'FRESH AIR WOMEN'S 5/10k RUN CLINIC' is NOW OPEN!

You’ll be glad to hear that training for a 10km race forms the foundation of all-around fitness because it includes ample amounts of the three core components of distance running – strength, stamina and speed. Not only can you use it to train for your goal 10km, but with certain adjustments, you can also use it to prepare for everything from a 5km to the marathon.

Read through the runner profiles below to determine which of our six-week plans is best for you. And remember: These are not one-size-fits-all plans, so if you can’t complete a given workout, don’t. If you need to rearrange training days to fit your schedule, do it.

Runner Profiles

You’re a notch above novice. You’ve been running at least six months and maybe have done a 5 km or two. You run 5-6km three or four days a week, have done a little fast running when you felt like it, and now you want to enter – and finish – what you consider a real distance race.

You’ve been running a year or more, done some 5km races, maybe even a 10km. But you’ve always finished feeling like you could have gone faster. You consider yourself mainly a recreational runner, but you still want to make a commitment to see how fast you can go.


You’ve been a serious runner for several years, have run many races – perhaps even a marathon. You’re familiar with fartleks and intervals, and can run comfortably for an hour-plus. Now you want a breakthrough time – and you’re willing to put in a rigorous six weeks to achieve it.

Clinic price $110 (Includes entry into Women's Run)

  • 6 weeks clinic starting May 3rd running up until the Women's Run
  • Learn to run/Improve your run
  • Open to all abilities
  • Wednesdays 6 pm from Concept: talk to follow (nutrition, recovery, training, proper footwear...)
  • Saturday 9 am at Parkinson, please arrive at 8:45 am by tennis courts (we will be running the Parkrun every Saturday to see personal improvements)

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