Jim is out testing the new S-Lab Prolink and is all kinds of stoked!

Salomon S-Lab SK Pro

Jim is off testing the latest and greatest to come in the Nordic world. It isn't often that Jim sends an email back expressing his level of stoke for a new product but here are the highlights:

"This is a new product that is being introduced for the 2016/17 season. So the product launch that I am at is featuring a new boot sole/ binding interface option call Prolink. It is NNN compatible. The new system really shines for classic skiing…it gives you exceptional snow feel; it felt exceptionally good on the all new S-Lab Carbon Classic Ski too. It is one of the nicest classic skis I have ever skied on. I also really enjoyed skate skiing using the new S-Lab Pro Skate boot with the new Prolink outsole. The S-Lab Carbon Skate Ski rocks! Again and very nice feel for the snow. So we will have exceptional fitting Salomon Nordic boots that will be NNN compatible coming in 2016/17."

So there you have it! Jim is out working hard making sure we fill the store with the best of breed gear available to us. Stay tuned for more....