The Latest Trend In New Snowboards, Ebikes, Ski Gear in Kelowna: Financeit

The Latest Trend In New Snowboards, Ebikes, Ski Gear in Kelowna: Financeit

The Latest Trend In New Snowboards, Ebikes, Ski Gear in Kelowna: Financeit

You may have heard of the “buy now pay later” concept: grab that sweet mountain bike now, pay for it later in instalments. The notion has boomed in the last couple of years, and with good reason. 

A 2021 study from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada found that the use of these types of services is evolving quickly in Canada, with positive experiences! According to the study, 42% of respondents used these types of financing services in order to help with their budgeting, 39% couldn’t afford the entire purchase right away, and 23% wanted to avoid interest and fees.  

Getting the kit of your dreams together is tough and can take time and patience. You can have the cash on hand but may not necessarily want to part with it all upfront. Maybe you’ve budgeted what you plan to spend on your new snowboard and like the idea of paying for it in low payments and saving your liquid funds for other things. 

You may have also reached a point in your sport where it’s better to invest in the right skis or gravel bike for your needs — rather than buy lower quality gear now that you’ll have to replace next season — ultimately spending more on the wrong gear. We’ve all been there. 

Fresh Air is one of the sports stores in Kelowna that can help you fund your dreams quickly thanks to Financeit, a simple financing service that breaks your purchase down into smaller chunks. 


Bike now, pay later

When you’re looking around the Kelowna bike shops for your next sweet ride, Fresh Air Kelowna’s financing service lets you leave the shop with the new ebike you’ve been eyeing, stress-free. With Financeit, you can make purchases of $500 - $10,000 in small, manageable payments.


Does Financeit affect my credit score?

No, when you choose to use Financeit, the service will quickly check if you prequalify, but the check will have no impact on your credit score. 


Do I have to pay in instalments?

When you go with Financeit you can make your purchase with monthly, biweekly, or weekly instalments. If you choose to pay off the balance at one, that’s okay too!


You don’t have to wait to get on the snowboard, mountain bike, or kit of your dreams. You can get out and enjoy the fresh air faster thanks to Financeit at Fresh Air Kelowna. Learn more.