e-Bikes at Fresh Air Kelowna

Fresh Air is Kelowna’s electric bike headquarters. Electric bikes are battery-powered, electric motor-assisted bicycles that pedal like regular bikes, but make you feel like an Olympic athlete! Great for beginners or pros, the advantages are clear. More distance. More adventure. With. Out. Stopping. If you’re not as young as you used to be, e-bikes make getting out for some exercise easier than before. Keep riding uphill when you usually have to get off and push. Commuting to work or around town is easier too (and less sweaty!)

If you’re already an avid mountain biker, then electric bikes will get you exploring trails/roads you’ve never seen. That 2hr grueling uphill grind? It’s now 40min. And you’re still fresh for the downhill. Insider tip: don’t worry, you’ll still get a great workout. Sure, your legs may get a 2x or 3x boost, but the rest of your body is working harder! You’ll find yourself dreaming of all-day epic rides that you thought were only for elite athletes.


Electric bikes are the best thing since sliced bread. No joke. Road, urban, commuter — whatever your preference, an electric bike is a total game-changer. If you’ve never experienced Trek, Specialized or Electra electric bikes, then we invite you to ride one and see what you’ve been missing!