Shoe Fitting

Professional Shoe Fitting from our expert runners

Our staff of Dynamix Fit Certified specialists at Fresh Air Experience and Fresh Air Concept are recognized by the sport medicine community for their expert knowledge in the areas of foot health and footwear selection. Fresh Air staff have been trained to do basic foot analysis; weight bearing and bio-mechanical analysis walking and running. The fitting process then has our client try on the shoes that will best satisfy their needs.


Looking at your bare feet can tell us a lot about not only your feet, but also your foot motion. While not always completely accurate there tends to be a correlation between arch height and foot motion. Generally, the higher the arch the less the foot pronates. How does this relate to your shoes? If you have a high arch you are more likely to need a neutral show, if you have a flat foot you are more likely to need a stability or motion control shoe.

Movement Analysis

Observation of feet when walking or running will help determine the degree of pronation or supination after heel strike.

  • Mild to Moderate Pronation: Requires neutral to moderate support shoes.
  • Over Pronation: Requires stability or motion control shoes.
  • Supination: Requires curve-lasted shoes.
  • (Over Pronation is excessive inward rolling of the foot after heel strike. Supination is the inward roll of the foot after heel strike)

Shoe Selection

Based on determination of foot type (high arched; moderate arch; flat) and assessment of how your feet respond bio-mechanically after heel strike we are able to select shoes that will best suit your needs. We can also take in to consideration your usage, training or race schedule to determine the amount of cushioning or style of shoe you will need.

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