2019 Nitro Dropout

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The mutant spawn of the Quiver Squash and the SMP, the brand new Dropout snowboard has been carefully designed to offer the perfect blend of a powder specific shape with an all-mountain attitude. The Dropout will allow you to dip in and out of the trees over the entire mountain.

Our team and family has been asking for a Directional, Mid-Wide, powder shaped board that can charge the entire mountain, without being too responsive and hard to control. The combination of the new Dropout´s Cam-Out Camber and Powercore offer a forgiving surf-like ride from top to bottom no matter how icy or deep the day. If you are looking to just have more fun and try out a new fun shape, but are not willing to give up the playfulness of your current set-up, than look no further than the versatile powder shaped Dropout snowboard.