2021 Club Chick Membership

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Club Chick Coaching Program 
April 14th - June 9th, 2021

Nervous Novice Rider

  1. very new to mtn bike riding
  2. limited fitness
  3. no previous experience on trail
  4. timid but eager to learn


Beginner Rider
  1. have been on the trails although limited
  2. fitness base good 
  3. limited or no previous coaching experience
  4. ready to bold up to travel varied terrain


Intermediate 1. 

  1. 2 years+ experience on diverse trail
  2. Good fitness base
  3. Less confident on blue trails, walk some features/obstacles
  4. Ready to game up!


Intermediate 2.

  1. 3+ Years+ experience on diverse trail
  2. Good fitness base
  3. Confident on Blue trails, take most obstacles/features
  4. Ready to game up and confidence try on Black

While we have many intermediate and advanced riders in our community program, they began as novice or beginner riders. Club Chick  coaching program now includes  intermediate I and  II  riders along with our  beginner program. Novice riders ‘no experience’ Are encouraged to take our intro to mtn biking day camp prior to joining in on the Club Chick Program.

Club Chick was formed to support riders with  on trail coaching , educating and supporting women to have the confidence and capacity to explore the trails of the Okanagan,  a community to connect with on and off the trails and be empowered to step up their fitness, confidence and sense of adventure on trail.

This is a 10 week, weekly Wednesday night 2 hour program that will progressively build your skill set, confidence and fitness with a great group of women just like you who love to ride, be outdoors and be safely challenge to grow in this sport.

Each week we explore new skills and practise safely to move to the next level each week. Groups are limited to 8 riders for safe practises and optimal coaching experiences. Community rides will continue after the 10 weeks and we encourage your continued participation. COME PLAY WITH US.