F2C Glyco-Durance 900g

by F2C

F2C Glyco-Durance™ brings you the latest scientific advancements in carbohydrate delivery and absorption containing 3 key elements, Cluster Dextrin, a scientifically developed electrolyte blend and Sustamine.

Glyco-Durance™ has 3 key element,  100% pure Cluster Dextrin® carbohydrate which has the lowest serum osmolarity in the industry. Cluster Dextrin® passes through the stomach faster than any other carb source currently available, providing a quick but sustained release of glucose into the bloodstream. The second key element is a scientifically developed electrolyte blend added to Glyco-Durance™ based on real time absorption. The last key element is Sustamine® which is clinically proven to enhance electrolyte and water absorption in the intestine and stimulates glycogen production.

  • Glyco-Durance™ is free from all artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners and preservatives.
  • All ingredients are in compliance for IOC, NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. Every single batch of Glyco-Durance™ is tested for banned substances by a world class sports doping control laboratory.


Fill a 22-24 oz bike water bottle or container with 16 oz of room temperature water. Add 2-3 scoops of Glyco-Durance™, 1 scoop at a time and shake 10 seconds after each scoop to avoid clumping.  Adjust for flavour preference using Unflavoured Glyco-Durance™ (i.e. mix 1-2 scoops of Unflavoured with 2 scoops of flavoured Glyco-Durance™, ) When product is blended add the remaining 6-8 oz of water.  Let sit for 10-15 minutes and shake again for 30 seconds before drinking or dispensing into 22-24 oz bike water bottles.  You can also blend up Glyco-Durance™ in a blender.

Mixing a Glyco-Durance™, Super Bottle (in a blender):

Add 8-10 scoops* (100 calories per scoop) of Glyco-Durance™ into 20-24 oz of room temperature or slightly warm water and blend for 30 seconds.  Transfer into bike bottle and drink over 2-3 hrs.  We recommend a ratio of 6-8 scoops of unflavoured with 1-2 scoops of flavoured Glyco-Durance™ or flavoured to taste preference.  This will give you a concentrated bottle with 800-1000 calories.  Remember to drink additional sips of water when using an F2C Glyco-Durance™ Super Bottle.

Glyco-Durance can be prepared and frozen in your bottle for your convenience.


For a 2 hour workout/training session or competition

  1. BEFORE workout or competition mix at least two (2) scoops* in 12-16 oz. of room temperature water and drink it at least 30 minutes before workout/competition
  2. DURING workout or competition, for each hour of activity mix at least two (2) scoops* in 20 – 26 oz. of room temperature water and drink throughout each hour
  3. AFTER workout or competition mix at least two (2) scoops* in 12-16 oz. of room temperature water and drink within the first 30 minutes after workout/competition for optimal muscle glycogen store replenishment and recovery
  4. You may carbo-load with Glyco-Durance™ for two to three days before a major event. One (1) or two (2) scoops in 12-16 oz. of room temperature water, twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening should be sufficient.

* Endurance athletes can adjust carbohydrate intake based on training or competition distance. An endurance athlete requires 2 calories per hour, per lb. of body weight. ie. 150lb. athlete needs at least 300 calories per hour of activity.



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