Profile T1 Plus Carbon Aerobar

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  • $349.99

Extension Shape
The double-bend ski bend shape of the T1+ Carbon minimizes hand and wrist discomfort by placing your hands in a more neutral position compared to flatter, aggressive bend styles.

J4 Bracket
Integrated, forged and CNC'd 6061-T6 aluminum bracket system controlled by a single bolt for extension length and rotation adjustment.

Easy to Adjust In-Line Wedge System
6061-T6 Aluminum forged bracket system with patent-pending in-line wedge system for reduced drag and even clamping forces. Extension length and rotation easily adjusted with the turn of just one bolt.

F-35a Aluminum Armrest
3x fore/aft positioning, providing 30mm of adjustment while also allowing for 15° (+/- 7.5°) of rotation adjustment to angle armrests for customized fit.

Aerobar Bracket Riser Kit
Ability to increase stack up to 80mm with optional Aerobar Bracket Riser Kit.