May 20, 2024
Fresh Air Mini Vlog 16: May long weekend is over,now YMCA Strong kids & Across the Lake Swim is up.

Fresh Air Mini Vlog 16: May long weekend is over,now YMCA Strong kids & Across the Lake Swim is up.



Alright good morning guys, nice to have a nice quiet day after the long weekend and all the hectic travel and chores and activities. But, how good are the mountain bike trails right now. We got out, a little ride at Gillard, trails are fantastic. I think it rained almost all weekend off and on, it's supposed to rain all week. The trails are going to be in prime shape. You guys have to get out and try it. You know I was kind of lucky I was home alone for most of the long weekend, you know I was watching hockey, I was watching the Giro and mountain biking as I said. Amie was away with the kids, but she set me up. She had 6 hours in the car on the last day, she came up with so many chores to do it was like non stop work from like honestly 8 o'clock in the morning to about 5 o'clock last night getting all the stuff done. But we're pretty much set now so there's no more chores for the summer hopefully.

You know in the store we've got tons of events going on right now, there's a lot of interest in Across the Lake Swim clinics are starting June 15th. Still got some time for the water to warm up, get some goggles or anything beforehand come on in. wetsuit demos are still arriving, we're going to see you the first day 7 o'clock in the morning. Hope to see you with a smile. On top of that, this weekend coming up we got the Armstrong Century Ride and coming June 2nd we got the 17th edition of the YMCA Strong Kids. We got a new venue at Stuart park, we got a kids zone, we got food trucks, and this year we got junior spin bikes. You guys gotta come on down, check it out. It's all for the YMCA. We're going to raise a whole bunch of money. Come go for a spin, check out the ride and enjoy the fresh air.

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