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More Than Gloves

Auclair doesn't merely endure the cold; it conquers it. Whether on your snowboard, downhill skis, or taking it easy cross-country skiing, Auclair gloves and mitts are a mainstay of winter adventure.

Established in Canada in 1945, the company’s inspiration comes from the great outdoors and a passion for innovation. Auclair always brings top-tier quality, guaranteed — and that’s why they always have a place in the Fresh Air shop. Your comfort and safety are Auclair’s primary focus, so breakthrough designs are part of their DNA.

Proudly Canadian since 1945

With a proud Canadian heritage dating back to 1945, Auclair is dedicated to ensuring outdoor enthusiasts stay warm, regardless of what winter has in store.

When winter arrives, durable, warm, and functional gloves or mittens are a necessity. Don't settle for mundane winter gear. Life is an adventure, and Auclair — and the Fresh Air ski shop’s mission — is to assist you in making the most of it.

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A backcountry skier skinning up a mountain traverse with a steep face on the left. He is wearing a green ski suit using poles and carrying a backpack.


Auclair is pioneering a sustainable path forward, step by step.

Sustainability has transitioned from a distant goal to an urgent priority. One of the foundational principles guiding Auclair and its dedicated team is its unwavering commitment to diminishing its environmental impact.

Auclair is dedicated to taking conscientious steps, both within and beyond the organization, with the aim of delivering products in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly manner possible. Auclair’s ambitious objective is to produce 100% of its products using chrome-free leather and recycled components by 2028.

Innovating with a Purpose

POWGIRL - Crafted by Women, Tailored for Women

The inception of POWGIRL was rooted in a straightforward reality: most sports gear was not designed with women in mind. Recognizing this disparity, Auclair set out to instigate a change. With a deep understanding of the unique essence and requirements of female athletes, they launched POWGIRL. It's not merely about sporting gear; it's about harnessing the energy, enthusiasm, and determination that women bring to outdoor pursuits. The mission extends beyond providing exceptional products to nurturing a community that is both uplifting and empowering.

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Two females snowshoeing, laughing and having a good time outside in the snow. They are both wearing backpacks with the female on the left wearing a green jacket and orange beanie looking at the women on the right wearing a pink jacket and green beanie. Both women are holding poles and wearing dark sunglasses.
An Auclair athlete sking through powder snow and it flies up in front of him with speed. He is wearing a green jacket, camel colored Auclair gloves while holding ski poles mid turn.


Auclair’s incredible athletes are wholeheartedly committed to outdoor adventures and won't allow cold hands to hinder their pursuits. Each athlete contributes their individual style and expertise to the team, making Auclair proud. Collectively, they embody the Auclair brand with unwavering dedication, distinctive style, and genuine authenticity.

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