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This is Nitro

More than three decades ago, when Nitro Snowboards was established, it didn't have an elaborate master plan in mind. The driving force was simply a deep passion for snowboarding and a multitude of ideas for creating exceptional products. Nitro didn't formulate a comprehensive business strategy or envision the company's long-term future. Its focus was squarely on crafting the products they were genuinely enthusiastic about.

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Brand Values

Mutual respect is a core value that underpins everything Nitro does. It begins with employees and extends to partners, suppliers, distributors, and the riders who choose Nitro products. This sense of unity and connection is what defines its identity.

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Nitro is committed to an ongoing journey of improvement and aims to elevate its performance in various aspects. They prioritize the environmental impact, social responsibility, and the welfare of the global snowboarding community within their business. Nitro’s primary emphasis lies in crafting high-quality snowboard products with an extended lifespan. With over 32 years of dedication to sustainability, Nitro persists in being a dependable partner in relationships with suppliers, employees, and customers. You can anticipate significant strides from Nitro, with a heightened commitment to nurturing the snowboarding community.

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Nitro Sustainability. Female splitboarder taking skins off a Nitro Splitboard wearing Nitro ski goggles.
Female snowboarder wearing a pink jacket, helmet and goggles sitting in the snow on the side of a run, smiling and holding a Nitro snowboard. Beside her is a male snowboarder wearing a black jacket, helmet and goggles with his feet strapped into a Nitro snowboard, also sitting and smiling.

Ultimate Diversity

Diversity has served as the guiding principle behind Nitro's snowboard lineup from the very beginning, and this commitment has led to a substantial list of industry firsts in board designs, spanning from the early '90s to today. This diversity is not merely a quest to introduce the “next big thing.” Instead, it stems from a genuine appreciation for various riding styles, catering to everyone from weekend warriors to professional snowboarders, from park enthusiasts to backcountry adventurers and resort riders.

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The Nitro Team

This exceptional collective of individuals truly represents the essence of Nitro, forming a global family originating from diverse corners of the world. These riders possess an unwavering devotion to snowboarding and the broader snowboard community. While each member is unique, they all unite in their shared enthusiasm and passion for the world of snowboarding.

Among them, you'll find gold medalists, pioneers of first descents, creative minds behind movie projects, catalysts of new trends, and innovators who stand out from the crowd. They encompass the roles of sons, daughters, fathers, and prospective mothers, embodying the full spectrum of what it means to be a dedicated snowboarder. In essence, these snowboarders epitomize the spirit and essence of snowboarding.

Four snowboarders sitting on a chairlift, with Nitro snowboards strapped to one foot. It is snowing and behind them is white sky. They are waving at the camera below them.