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Rapha inspires everyone to live life by bike to the fullest because it’s more than just a ride. Their collection is created by cyclists, for cyclists, resulting in some of the world’s most premium riding apparel.

With this purpose in mind, Rapha’s work is guided by its drive to inspire and equip people to live a life by bike, all day, every day. They do this by primarily focusing on creating the world’s finest cycling clothing, so having them as a part of our Cycle Shop in Kelowna is a no-brainer! Their products are innovatively designed to suit diverse terrains and are thoroughly tested worldwide to ensure an enjoyable riding experience for everyone. Rapha tells cycling stories as inspiration to get people out and about riding their bikes through stunning films and features. They also believe that some of the most memorable rides are those shared with others, so to connect riders globally and encourage the spirit of community, they created their cycling club — The Rapha Cycling Club — and even host various events!

Values Above All

Similar to Fresh Air Kelowna, Rapha’s commonly held values form the framework behind everything they do. Their work has expanded to accommodate a vast amount of activities, grounded by the values that fueled their growth in the early days and continue to do so now. Their whole team, from Seoul to San Francisco, product designers to floor leads, upholds these values in all their efforts.

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Unity Through Passion

Whether it’s Rapha’s London Headquarters or other locations across the globe, they all have one thing in common: passionate employees who share a love for cycling and cycling gear. They love road biking to work daily, and once every week, they take a break from what they’re doing to cycle as a team. Rapha even closes their offices thrice every year for the whole day to celebrate each other’s successes on their office rides.

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Community Beyond Borders

Members of the Rapha Cycling Club are passionate about cycling and form a global community with exclusive access to Rapha’s most popular products and exciting experiences, which is why their products are an excellent addition to Fresh Air’s bike store. These include unique brand collaborations, an iconic club kit and the RCC app. That’s where they list tons of rides and events taking place worldwide, allowing their members to access and benefit from the social aspects of bicycling.

The Rapha Foundation

A mission to build a better future for cycling and cyclists brought Rapha into existence. The Rapha Foundation is a vital part of their mission to make cycling the most popular sport globally. Over the past five years, the Foundation has secured funding for more than ten organizations around the world that are dedicated to inspiring, empowering and supporting the next generation of riders and racers from under-represented communities.

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