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Leki's strategic mandate to combine safety and comfort with attractive design reflects their commitment to providing top-quality products for outdoor enthusiasts. Their dedication to involving experts and professional athletes in the development process underscores their pursuit of high-performance gear.

Our Passion

LEKI's dedication to offering the ultimate, high-performance products is driven by their passion and a skilled, experienced workforce. Their strategic mandate to prioritize safety and comfort, along with attractive design, underscores their commitment to creating top-quality gear. 

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LEKI's commitment to taking responsibility for their actions and embracing social responsibility is a vital aspect of their philosophy. Their dedication to repairing old poles, even after many years of use, stems from the belief that it's the right thing to do. They are passionate about producing long-lasting products that offer exceptional value and combine high-end performance with safety and comfort. 

Collaboration with experts and professional athletes in the development process ensures the unique quality of LEKI products. The outcome is intelligently designed products that customers can enjoy for many years.


LEKI's impressive track record of winning numerous awards and being represented by top athletes at prestigious events like the Olympics and World Cups highlights their commitment to excellence. 

They continue to drive innovation by exploring new materials, technologies, and products. Their ongoing efforts are focused on enhancing the safety, accessibility, and comfort of mountain sports while also elevating the performance of elite athletes worldwide.

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It's great to hear that these athletes are passionate about the outdoors and participate in a wide range of outdoor sports, from alpine and Nordic skiing to freeskiing and trail running. Their dedication to these activities not only showcases their athleticism but also helps inspire others to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

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