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Stemming from its roots in the cross-country skiing realm, Lill-Sport gloves are tailored to skiers of all skill levels, ages, and passions. Just like us at Fresh Air Kelowna, their commitment is to serve the needs of everyone who wants to get outside and ski, no matter their ability.

Accessible to All

Lill-Sport is deeply passionate about sports and outdoor adventures and does its best to ensure everyone can enjoy the outdoors comfortably and safely. Leveraging their extensive experience in the realm of cross-country skiing, Lill-Sport gloves are crafted to cater to a wide audience. Whether you're a casual sports enthusiast or a high-performance skier, Lill-Sport is designed to be the go-to option for everyone who wants warm, dry hands on an exciting day out.

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The Lil-Sport Story

Lill-Sport is a premier brand of gloves for cross-country skiing and is renowned for its popularity in both Europe and North America. These gloves have been the trusted choice of the world's elite skiers since 1984, and today, they find their place with as many as ten national teams across the globe.

Lill-Sport has the unique advantage of manufacturing its gloves in-house. This sets the brand apart and allows it to seamlessly blend the development process with material selection and production, ensuring top-tier quality at every step.

Backed by an unwavering dedication to providing users with an exceptional skiing experience, Lill-Sport uses meticulous craftsmanship and carefully selects its materials. The brand takes immense pride in delivering products with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every ski track adventure is enhanced by Lill-Sport gloves.

A child and woman sitting in the snow with snowsuits on holdings hands. The child is wearing green Lill-sport mitts and the woman is wearing white Lill-sport mitts.