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Where Function Meets Style

Born from a deep passion for skiing and a profound love of the mountains, Orage blurs the lines between fashion and function.

They represent modern mountain culture, offering a range of outerwear like ski jackets and ski pants, casual wear, layering, base layers, and accessories.

Orage designs are crafted to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable while still looking good and helping you stand out on the mountain. The brand is dedicated to merging style and performance for like-minded (and stylish!) outdoor enthusiasts.

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Montreal Born

Born across Canada in beautiful Quebec, the Orage story is a testament to the individuals who fuel the brand and showcase where its true passion lies. As the original outerwear brand for freeskiing, Orage is deeply immersed in every facet of the sport, driven by an unwavering desire to savour every moment.

Orage boldly distinguished itself with a fresh, distinctive style, setting it apart from the more traditional and established brands. This unique approach remains at the core of its identity, serving as the bedrock of what the brand stands for, even more than 25 years down the line. Orage’s commitment to originality and a love for skiing has been its constant driving force.

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Two skiiers standing and talking to one another in heavy snowfall. One female with a red Orage jacket, backpack and goggles holding ski poles looking in the direction of another skiier with his back to the camera wearing a green Orage jacket and a pack pack

Innovating the Impossible

The belief that the impossible leads to invention is Orage’s guiding light and inspires the team to follow their instincts and stay true to what feels right, even in the face of skepticism.

Twenty-five years later, Orage proudly maintains its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, under the leadership of its founder and is operated by a team of passionate skiers, designers, and innovators. Orage remains committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with an unwavering dedication to its founding motto — innovation through style.