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Safety, performance, multi-impact protection, and design are the cornerstones of POC’s collection, carefully crafted by Swedish protection experts. It is now available at Fresh Air’s sporting goods stores in Kelowna!

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Our Commitment

POC doesn’t compromise on products’ safety, performance, or design, which forms the backbone of its brand vision. The main motive while developing cycling, biking or skiing products is to solve real problems that tie into materializing their mission. POC prides itself on putting its purpose above all else while handling design aspects with natural skill.

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The Science Behind it All

POC’s in-house LAB forms its hub for intel on various scientific, medical, and technological avenues. Its mission rests on driving innovation, pushing boundaries, questioning conventions, and raising the bar within protection. POC aims to trailblaze the introduction of innovative materials, ideas, and technologies to its athletes and product users.

Their tech and research team focuses on research, exploration, pre-studies, and tech implementation. An explorative and holistic approach to safety equips the LAB team to test ideas and perspectives that have never been considered before.

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Conscious Choices

The one value that grounds POC is safety. Though safety on the roads and in the mountains takes precedence, they also do their part in ensuring our planet’s safety.

Their products form a natural part of a sustainable transport solution by helping people use their bikes more often. As a company releasing its products for the masses, it aims to pay extra attention to the resources being used.

Project Blueprint is their promise to keep making products safer while also being conscious of their environmental impact in the long run.

Driven by Shared Passions

POC feels extremely fortunate to have a team that is genuinely passionate about its mission and community—just like us at Fresh Air. Their shared love for sports has helped cultivate a strong work environment and culture, nourishing and protecting that passion, which is important to them.

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