Bike Fitting

What is a bike Fit?

A bike fitting is the art and science of successfully joining a rider and a bicycle to achieve a comfortable, efficient, powerful, and safe union of human and machine.

What's the point?

Frankly, we want you to enjoy cycling as much as you possibly can. Many Cyclists have fallen head over heels in love with our sport without the benefit of properly fitted equipment or instruction we find common in other sports like golf, tennis, and skiing. Cycling involves a unique interaction of rider and equipment; the bike should feel like an extension of our body. Because cycling is a learned skill, we may not always choose the best position, just like we might not naturally grip a golf club properly, or carve a ski turn without being taught how to do it. Fresh Air has the equipment and the training to help you get started the right way, or to improve upon your current fit.

All you’ll need to bring to your fitting is your bike, shoes, orthotics, favorites bike shorts, H2O bottle, Jersey. Bring your helmet, glasses and gloves just in case we have any questions about them.

We have three distinct phases to achieve the perfect fit:

Dynamic/3D Bike Fitting

1. Pre-Fit Interview

We will start with an in depth interview to highlight your goals, past injuries, chronic problems and your expectations of your bike and how it fits. We’ll then measure aspects of your physiology like your range of motion, flexibility, and discrepancies. This is done so we can further customize your fit to how your body is built. Then we’ll take a very in depth look at your cleats and start the process of setting up your foot pedal interface.

2. On-Bike Assessment

Finally, you get to hop on your bike and start warming up. While you’re doing this we will be taking some preliminary measurements with the Precision Fit video analysis software to see how you have been riding. From here we move through the process of the fine-tuning of your bike to fit your body. We’ll also be talking constantly about technique and posture on the bike to find more power and to prevent injuries. Using the Precision Fit motion capturing software; we make the final dynamic adjustments to your bike at speed and under load. With the Precision Fit software we can Isolate your every move, frame by frame, to find that most powerful, comfortable, and aerodynamic position. You'll ride at pace and the adjustments will apply directly, so you will truly know how the bike will feel.  Included in this fitting process is an analysis of your pedal stroke.

3. Fit Summary, Stamp of Approval, and Follow-up.

Once the on bike process is complete, your bike will be measured and cataloged in every way so your bike set up is documented for future reference. You will get a copy of your measurement sheet emailed to you with notes on your fit and things that may improve your fit or technique further and we'll also give you a before/after picture of you in your new position with your actual dynamic measurements. 

Using Trek Precision Fit principals we offer the Gold Standard in Bike fitting assessment and technology. This Dynamic fitting process is the same used for top Elite/Pro/Olympic athletes, but is applicable for every cyclist.

Precision Fit Pressure Mapping

Pressure mapping gives your bike fitter an on-screen interactive pressure analysis display that guides saddle selection and position. The fitter can then recommend the best saddle for your body, riding position and skill level. With dozens of saddles to choose from, this process will scientifically eliminate saddles and help zero you in on the perfect seat for your bike. 

Bike Fitting Menu

1D Bike Fit - $100

  • Accurate Saddle Height, fore and aft adjustment
  • Shoe Cleat Placement
  • Making sure the rider is in a comfortable riding position
  • Include Saddle Pressure Mapping for an additional $50

Saddle Pressure Mapping - $75

  • Computer generated model of pressure points on your seat position
  • Detailed recommendations for saddle choice
  • Specific set-up for your saddle to your body geometry
  • Uses the Trek Precision Fit Pressure Mapping System

    2D Bike Fit - $250

    • Basic range of motion assessment
    • Leg and torso angle adjustment
    • Assessment of center of mass
    • Basic cleat adjustment

    This process takes about 1.5 hours

    3D Bike Fitting - $325

    • As described by our three district phases above
    • 52 step process that typically takes 2.5 hours
    • Uses the Trek Precision Fit Pressure Mapping System


    Bike Fitting Team

    Eric Simpson

    Eric is one of our Bike Fit Specialists. He has been certified through the Precision fit team. Eric also brings 25 years of racing experience in all distances from Triathlons. He also brings his Road Racing and Mountain Biking experience to our team. He has been named Triathlete of the year in BC as well as Canadian Master Triathlete of the year. He has many wins in all distances of racing including top amateur at Ironman Canada. He looks forward to making your riding experience the best it can be. 


    All fitting is by appointment only

    Call Fresh Air Concept @ 250-763-3425 or email