Ski Boot Fitting

Fresh Air Experience and Fresh Air Concept have Masterfit University certified bootfitters with over 50 years of combined boot fitting experience. We provide the absolute best in customer service paired with some of the most knowledgeable bootfitters in the province.

Every pair of boots that we sell are sized and fitted by one of our ski boot professionals. Whether you are a beginner or occasional skier just needed a tweak here and there or you are an expert looking for the best fit we customize everything. Not two feet are created the same and boots are designed to fit a wide range of skiers. We feel that every skier needs some sort of custom fitting to get the most our of their skiing experience. After all, we feel the terrain through our feet. It is how we control our skis. With a good fitting pair of boots you will feel more in control, feel less fatigue and be warmer.

Basic boot fit is included in the purchase of every pair of boots. We even back up your purchase with our performance and fit guarantee. For more advanced boot fitting we charge on a case by case basis.

Try one or our custom insoles and put some power steering in your boots!

Call today to book a Boot Fitting Appointment.

Sidas Conformable Ski Boot Fitting Kelowna