December 05, 2017
The Why and When of Ski and Board Tuning

The Why and When of Ski and Board Tuning

Why Should I Tune My Skis/Board?

A freshly tuned ski or snowboard feels like a new piece of gear!

A proper base wax will allow you to glide easier and freshly sharpened edges will allow you to bite into the snow with less effort.

This translates to more confidence and more fun on the hill!

When Should I Tune My Skis/Board?

Your ski/board should be waxed every 5-6 days of riding to maintain the base. This works out to about once or twice a month.

  • If you have hit a rock or otherwise damaged the base or edge of your ski/board
  • If your ski/board doesn't feel like it is holding an edge as well as it has in the past
  • At the beginning of each ski season
  • If you notice that the base of your skis are starting to look white or chalky the need to be waxed ASAP!
  • It is recommended to put a coat of storage wax on your ski/board at the end of each ski season. The wax will seal your base and protect it over the summer months.

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