August 30, 2023

Get Your Ski Gear, Kelowna! Seasonal Rentals + Ski Swap

You may still be riding (or running) down the trails, but ski season is just around the corner. More importantly, ski-gear-in-Kelowna season is coming up at Fresh Air next month!

Seasonal Rentals

Our seasonal ski rentals started as a replacement for our junior trade-back program but has since grown to become a hugely popular way of getting kids on skis without the hassle and expense of them outgrowing their gear. 

“Kids will grow out of gear pretty quickly,” said our store manager, Jonny White. “This way they get the full set up, plus poles and bindings if you need them. If they outgrow it during the season, we can change out the sizing, too!”

How does seasonal ski rental work? 

Come into the shop and we’ll fit your family for the season with:

  • Snowboards

  • Skis

  • Snowboard or ski boots 

  • Poles

We’ve got the whole kit for you to hang onto until snow season is over. If your kids outgrow the equipment during the season, come see us and we’ll swap it for the right size, no problem. 

**Make sure to bring your own socks when you come in for your rentals. We no longer have try-on socks at the ski shop. We recommend bringing the same socks you’d wear skiing for the right fit.

Who is it for?

We mainly end up renting to youths who outgrow their equipment quickly, but we also see adults coming in for seasonal rentals. This is a great option for people who are new to the sport and not ready to commit to their own kit and younger riders who are going to outgrow their equipment quickly. 

When does it start?

Seasonal rentals will be available after Labour Day, starting Sept. 5th. We’re usually out of stock by Halloween, so get in while you can! 

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on age and equipment, but seasonal rentals can start as low as $160. 

Do you rent helmets?

We do not rent helmets. Since ski and snowboard helmets are single impact only, it’s impossible to know the history of a previously worn helmet with confidence. We recommend investing in a new helmet

Kelowna's 2023 Canadian Ski Patrol Ski & Board Swap

If you’re looking for something a little more long term on a budget, the Kelowna’s annual Canadian Ski Patrol Ski and Board Swap is coming up on Sept. 8-10 at the Kelowna Curling Club and Sept. 15-16 at the Penticton Curling Club. 

This is not only a chance to score some great gear, like ex rentals from Fresh Air, but support a good cause. The Canadian Ski Patrol benefits from a portion of the proceeds from the swap!

What you can find at the swap

This depends on what gets brought to the swap, but usually there’s a nice selection of skis, boards, poles, boots and even clothing. 

Getting the right fit

When picking up gear at a swap, it’s important to make sure your boots and bindings are compatible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the swap and do a little research on current models before going in—and always make sure both boots are the same size!

If you’ve made a purchase at the swap and want a professional look at compatibility, come into the ski shop. We’re happy to do a free compatibility check for you. Adjustments and rebinds will be charged. 

Tips from Ryan and Jonny

Ryan and Jonny have been in the game a long time—both on the hill and in the shop. 

  • For younger kids, we recommend sizing up a bit in ski boots for thick socks and room to grow. 

  • When trying on boots make sure they’re not too big, that you’re wearing the same socks you’d ski in, and that you actually buckle them up when trying them on. Your toes are supposed to touch the front of the boots!

  • When you buy a ski or snowboard helmet for your child, Ryan recommends going for bright, bold colours that make it easy to keep track of the kids on the hill. 

  • Jonny gets asked “what’s the warmest glove?” all the time, and at the end of the day mitt shapes will be warmer, and heated liners are a game changer. 

  • Heated socks and heated insoles will also go a long way in keeping your toes warm. 

  • Extra layers are the key to warmth and managing your body temperature on days out. 

  • Always bring extra snacks and water. Dehydration and hunger sneaks up on you and you want to make the most of your time on the hill. 

Quit dreaming, start doing. Our sports stores in Kelowna have everything you need to find your new sport. See what’s in store, then get out and enjoy the Fresh Air!

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