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November 26, 2021
Winter Accessories To Enjoy The Snow

Winter Accessories To Enjoy The Snow

Long days in the snow call for the right accessories to keep you warm so you can ski, board, or snowshoe to your heart’s content this season. We’ve already shared our picks for the best 2022 skis and snowboards, now here’s our guide to winter accessories so you can keep playing in comfort as the days get shorter and the stoke gets higher. 

Winter Gloves or Mittens?

first things first — which is better for skiing and snowboarding, mittens or gloves? There’s really no wrong answer. If you’re looking for dexterity and ease for reaching in your pack, snapping selfies, and doing up zippers, go for gloves. 

If you’re the one on the hill who’s always freezing, you may prefer mittens. The single pocket for your fingers shares heat and keeps them toasty. 

With gloves and mitts from Black Diamond, Dakine, Flylow, Hestra, and Scott, you’re bound to have dry, warm fingers this season. 

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Socks, Socks, Socks!

We don’t want to sound like your mom, but dry feet are happy feet when winter rolls around. 

Which material your winter sock is made of is key. Merino wool socks are hard to beat. The moisture-wicking, natural fibres are breathable so any dampness won’t get trapped, resulting in uncomfortably cold feet. 

Heated socks, like the Therm-ic Powersock, are another option if you are particularly sensitive to the cold. Battery-powered and specially designed for increased heat circulation, you never need to worry about frostbite again. 

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To Balaclava, Or Not To Balaclava?

There’s nothing like some crisp, cold windburn to make your cheeks rosy. What is a balaclava? You might remember them as bulky or uncomfortable — fully covering your face and head to keep out wind and cold. But modern balaclavas are key to comfort. 

 Soft merino balaclavas like the Mons Royale Santa Rosa or Olympus are lightweight, warm, and breathable. 

Mesh keeps your goggles from fogging up, and a balaclava fits neatly under your helmet, no problem. 

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The right lens keeps glare under control for you, keeps colours true, and performs whether it’s a bluebird day or grey clouds start rolling in — because you know the weather in the mountains has a mind of its own. 

If you’re afraid of commitment opt for goggles with easy-to-swap lenses, like the Smith Mag system or Atomic Four Q Stereo, so you can easily adapt to changing conditions. 

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Keep warm from head to toe with your favourite sports store, Kelowna. We’ve got the right accessories for you to ski, snowboard, and snowshoe in comfort this winter. See for yourself.