September 29, 2020
Fresh Air Vlog: Indoor Cycling, Quiet Bikes, Raising a Family, and Winter is Coming!

Fresh Air Vlog: Indoor Cycling, Quiet Bikes, Raising a Family, and Winter is Coming!


Welcome back! Here we go! We are preparing for winter, everybody's gonna like, hibernate in their house and get ready. We're gonna solve some problems for you, we've got Dimitri here from Live to Play Sports, he's going to talk about the amazing things going on with wahoo! Wahoo bikes, bike trainers, just some apps they got to get you going, keep you in bike shape and ready to go for next summer.

Hi, my name is Dimitri. I'm from Live to Play Sports and we distribute wahoo drainers in Canada and I am at Fresh Air Concept in Kelowna to talk about some of the new things that are happening with the brand this year. First, we're going to talk about the wahoo KICKR bike, which provides a complete indoor training experience and has lots of neat features like simulated grade changes, you can customise great selections so you can match the gearing, the simulated gearing on the bike to match whatever you have on your bike and it provides a gear-change simulation as you're riding. So,  it really feels like you're riding your regular bike in your living room.

The wahoo fitness app makes it extremely easy to fit yourself onto this bike out of the box with a couple of different options. Number one, you can take a picture of your existing road bike and it will actually suggest measurements for all five adjustments on this bike. Or, you can enter measurements from a professional bike fit to get the exact fit that you need right out of the box. It makes it extremely easy. One benefit of the KICKR Bike over most other trainers is that it is virtually silent. Even on a wheel-off trainer, there's quite a bit of noise that comes from the drive train, which this, being belt-driven, is completely eliminated. So if you need to be working out in a quiet environment, this provides an awesome experience. Next we have the wahoo KICKR and this is the fifth generation of this trainer. There's a number of updates on it for this season. Number one, it is more accurate. It also comes with axis feet, which allow for a little bit of movement on the trainer as you're riding. There's a direct connect port as well, which is a brand-new feature. This allows you to hard wire the trainer if you are using it in an environment where there's a lot of wifi interference.

Wahoo offers a wide variety of trainers, all the way from your entry-level wheel-on power trainer to your KICKR Bike which offers a complete solution, but there's also a whole ecosystem of other devices that help you take your training to the next level.

Awesome! Thank you Dimitri, there's some amazing products. Have people talking about, "Ooh, I want a Peloton bike! I want this", we have some amazing options I think are better. Dimitri says they're quieter, it's amazing, gets your training up and you're definitely race-ready come springtime! So in the last round of vlog shooting I got a lot of comments back. Everybody's like, "man what is going on with your hair?" You know, I gotta be honest. I shower every day. You know, honestly I don't wash my hair every day. I don't wash my hair every week. You know, it's just natural. You know, you get out- you know I come into work some days and just feel like a rockstar! Like, BAM! You know, I feel great, get going and then you get a text like "Dude, what's going on?" This is the way I feel every morning and this is the way people portrayed me. All super good! You know, I'm pretty happy either way but the other main part is I'm super happy and energetic to get to work and just have a little fun.

Some of you guys might remember of the intro we did with Johnny we did in the wintertime. And he was supposed to be talking about his skis and all he did was talk about was how good his boot heaters were. How he gets cold feet on the hill. You know, we've got him here, he's talking about his bikes. You know, my only question is- how come every Monday morning Johnny's gotta teach a bike lesson. He's gotta come and get an e-bike to go. You know, I'm okay. I'm down with e-bikes! You know, he's a dad, you got a little dad bod. Need the e-bike to get up the hill a bit more. It's all good fun. But here's Johnny talking about his new ride.

Hi, my name is Johnny, I'm a manager at Fresh Air. This year, I'm just really excited about the amount of time that I've had to, you know, actually get out, enjoy the outdoors when it's nice, and peace and quiet. I don't have anything going on around me and I can really be myself with my thoughts and one thing I kind of reflected on this year was, you know, really taking advantage of the time that I had for myself sometimes. Trying to be more efficient in everything that I do in life and the one thing that I've found to be the most efficient was actually to take all the bikes that I have loved and combine them into one that does a really, really good job at everything. One bike instead of three means less maintenance, generally means less money, generally means a much happier life at home as well.

So, I've shrunk my quiver down to one bike that I absolutely love and enjoy. Alright, so the bike that I've chosen for this year is the Specialized Enduro. Brand-new design for this season, it's got 170mm of travel and the same buzzwords that they've been throwing out in the industry for years. Longer, lower, slacker. What that means for me is I have a bike that pedals uphill incredibly well, like my trail bike. I have a bike that descends amazing, just like my downhill bike. And going to big wheels on a long travel bike, when I go up to Big White, I don't hang up on rocks in the techy sections. The bike is fast, it carries speed, I'm not having to pedal into features to get that extra speed for the jumps. The bike's super quiet, which is something that, you know bike enthusiasts would really enjoy. We don't got chain slap going on. It is dead silent on a trail. The only thing that you're hearing is that hub buzzing in the background and any time that I'm out there getting to catch a little air and have the wind blowing through my hair is pretty much the happiest time. When I - the happiest time to spend by myself.

Awesome, Johnny! It's amazing what a child does! It makes you change your mind, set your priorities. Maybe you don't need three bikes, maybe you don't need four. Everybody should probably have four bikes. But when you can find the right bike that does everything for you from shuttle laps to riding resorts to trails around Kelowna, it is amazing. Not only that, his bike looks sick! It's matte black with red accents! Thing's amazing. Recommend getting out and trying one.

Thanks, Johnny. See you on the trails!  So the one thing we never really talked about much about being a dad is, you don't always want to do too much and set the expectation high. You know, it's like, sure you get up early, you feed the baby, you do stuff. But it's sometimes, we're just disadvantaged. You know? We can't breastfeed. It's true. You know, sometimes we just can't put the baby to bed. You gotta tag momma in sometimes. Yeah. And that sometimes is usually just like, "oh he's crying!" But, I mean, there's times where you just gotta jump in and you gotta do it because there's nobody around. You know, I've got a couple tricks up my sleeve that Aimee totally thinks is hilarious. Yourself? There's a few tricks for sure. You know, for me, I've tried anything. Luke loves Dairus Rucker. Wagon wheel! You know, I put it on once - it was just on by accident - he fell asleep! And I was like boom!  Put it on again. It's like, YouTube, let's try a little something else! He loves Garth Brooks, loves Allen Jackson, heck I've even watched, I started practicing line dancing on it! Puts him to sleep! And then you know Aimee's like, "you're crazy". You know, last week, called up Ames and was like, "Hey, what's going on? How are the kids?" and you know what I can hear in the background? Wagon wheel! She gave in. *Laughs* You know, that's a win for me! That's a win in the dad book for sure.

But you gotta hold your cards close, you don't want to let them know! Because then, every time, it's like. Now it's like, I can't do it, you've gotta rock him to sleep. He's yours! He's mine so, every day! It's like, oh - your turn! Put him to sleep! You know you can only do so much wagon wheel and dancing. But I'm getting, getting a little workout! Having some fun. Oh my left arm is definitely getting way stronger than my right. Yeah, I definitely didn't hold my cards to close to my chest and I got, you know, a little conceited about it and I was like, "Oh man, I'm so good at putting Wilder to sleep." And, uh, now Leann knows that when Wilder's time to go to bed it's, "here you go dad. He's all yours." Rookie mistake. But for number two, hey! Might be different.

You know, all this baby talk going on it's like there's love in the air in the fall. We've been keeping this a secret for a while because it hasn't really been "Instagram official" yet but, our two models, Lisa and Simon are finally engaged! We got the official photographs, it's on Instagram so it's gonna happen. Congratulations to Lisa and Simon! Also! Friend of the shop, Steph and Shelly, got engaged on the weekend! It's amazing! Congratulations everybody! You know, it's just not the springtime it's the fall time, love in the air. But, as you're watching with Johnny and I, hold your cards close! Or you're gonna be rockin' every night.

So it finally happened, our store on Harvey opened last weekend. Winter is here. It was amazing energy. We got skis on the floor, we have no bikes to put in there so it's all winter, skis, cross-country, snowboards, we have stuff from last year. We got some deals. There's no ski swaps happening this year, so come on in. There's amazing stuff. Come in, talk to the guys and we'll get you set up, ready to go.

Get out and enjoy the Fresh Air.

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