July 27, 2021
Fresh Air Vlog: New Specialized E-bikes, Will’s In Quebec, MTBco Giveaway

Fresh Air Vlog: New Specialized E-bikes, Will’s In Quebec, MTBco Giveaway

Welcome back guys we got a new vlog. We're into July, Happy Canada Day. Happy belated Canada Day. It's always great to have a long weekend off, get out, hang by the pool, beach, mountain bike, road bike, e-bike, there's always something to do in the Okanagan. Well, while we're in the Okanagan let's check in with our buddy Will, he's still travelling across Canada. I think that Will said Ontario takes more time to go through than it did go through Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan all combined. I've got Will here with an update on how the trek's going. And as always, he's always pumped, excited and he's got some crazy stories, here's Will.


Hey guys it's Will checking in again. So today I'm coming at you from Matapedia in Quebec, I just spent my last night in the province here. Last time I checked in with you guys I was in Kenora, so just getting into Ontario. Ontario is a big province, it was 2,000 kilometres, which is about a third of the whole trip, and actually really hilly, I was surprised by that. 

Some of the highlights there: Lake Superior Park was absolutely stunning, staying at Pancake Bay was really, really cool. Then also Ottawa was a really fun city, got to see the Parliament, and I actually stayed with Clay who's an old manager of Fresh Air Kelowna, so that was pretty sweet. After that, Quebec's been amazing. I think it might be my favourite province outside of BC, it's just been stunning views up along the St. Lawrence. Montreal and Quebec City were awesome. And, yeah, it's just been great. It's crazy, um, I'm getting near the end now it's probably about five days left I'm thinking so I've done at this point 5500 kilometres. I'll be going to New Brunswick today. 


For a guy that's spending so much time in the saddle, he's always upbeat, you know the most exciting part of Will's is I thought he was camping all the way but he's like, "You know it's really nice to have a hotel room, have a shower once in a while," which you can't beat. Anyhow, amazing adventure following Instagram, and check out his stories. 

So with summertime it's always the new time to introduce new bikes. We're very fortunate today, we got Bob from Specialized in, we had a chance to demo some new bikes, we've got the new Turbo Kenevo SL, my favourite, we've got the Specialized Turbo Levo. Bob's going to tell us about some new updated features. Here's Bob.


I'm Bob from Specialized Canada. I'm here at Fresh Air today to go over some of the new Specialized Turbo e bikes. So today we're going to talk a little bit about the updates on the new Turbo Levo, and the brand new Kenevo SL. 

So this is the new 2021 Levo. We've taken some cues from Stumpjumper Evo, including the adjustable head angle independently from the chainstay length. So this offers you a huge range of adjustment. This will change the way the bike handles so we've redesigned the charge ports on the new Levos to make them more weatherproof.

Obviously, bikes don't want to get wet in the electrics, so by having this more weatherproof area, it definitely helps with the longevity of the bike. So we totally redesigned the TCU on this system. We've called it now the mastermind TCU. This is where you can see all the information including your speed, distance, elevation, time of day, you can even sync it up to your heart rate monitor and see your active heart rate. This is really good for people who maybe have health conditions or people who simply are training. Really, really good. It's made from Gorilla Glass, so it's definitely more durable than most systems out there, and it's neatly tucked away on the top tube. 

You can add up to 16 pages of information to this, by the Mission Control app. Now the Mission Control App is one of the reasons that our bikes are different to everybody else's. So using the Mission Control app, you can adjust your support, peak power, acceleration response, you can even put the bike in shuttle mode. This enables you to use as much power that's available to get to the top as quick as possible. 

The other benefit of the Mission Control app is that your local bike shop can actually remotely diagnose your bike. So if you have an issue, they can look at your bike without you having to take it there. All you need to do is connect it to the phone app, and they can take a look. 

So this is the new Specialized Kenevo SL. What we've got is the same motor from the Levo SL, but in a more capable aggressive package. This is 170 mm of travel with 29-inch wheels, front and rear. We also have taken what we learned from the new Levo and Stumpjumper EVO, with the adjustable head angle. There's also an additional range-extended battery that you can add to this, which is 160-watt hours, so that gives you extra range if you want it, or you can take it off and just run it without and then you end up having a nice and light bike.

For an expert-level bike we're looking at around about 42 pounds, so, you know, it's not a huge amount different from a regular enduro bike anyway. All of our new Kenevo SLs are made with powerful brakes and high-performing suspension that will allow you to ride this thing, super aggressively. You know, maybe you want to go to the bike park but you don't live close enough. Well, then you can make any mountain into your own bike path with this thing. If you have any more questions or want to know more about Specialized, head to specialized.com, and there's lots of info on there that'll help you find the right bike for you. 


As you can see we're very fortunate to work with the partners we have their wealth of knowledge. Bikes are amazing, crazy technology, just to help you along. Come down, check it out. Talk about the bikes might have a few for test rides. If not, check out Specialized's website. YouTube they got some amazing videos, but the bikes are amazing. A couple of vlogs ago we had the guys from MTBco on location. Today they couldn't make it in so they're phoning in to tell us what's going on with the club, where your money's going and how the trails are doing. It's amazing what they're doing. They said they had a goal of 600 members now we're shooting for 900, and as of right now I think we're like at 90% of that. So here's Bruce talking about the club and what's going on.


Thanks for having us on again Ryan. Hi, everyone is Bruce from MTBco, Mountain Bikers of Central Okanagan. In the last Fresh Air vlog we mentioned that we surpassed our membership target for 2021 of 600 members. We've reset the goal to 900 and as of today we're at 785. So a big thanks to all you wonderful people who've picked up your memberships. Please remind your friends and family to grab theirs if they don't have it yet. 

Membership, as we've mentioned in the last vlog, is so important. It's the backbone of a strong mountain biking community, but it's also a key component to qualifying for grant funding, which is paramount for the club moving forward. And related to funding, we've launched our first-ever bike raffle through industry partnerships and donations. We've built an enduro bike worth approximately $10,000. It's ready for anything in the Okanagan. 

If you haven't got your tickets yet, you can find them at mtbco.ca or our Facebook or Instagram pages. All proceeds from the raffle will go to MTBco trail efforts with a particular focus on the Climb trail and the Gillard network. And for those of you who missed the social aspect of mountain biking, we have a fall event we're planning right now so stay tuned to our social media and web page, and we'll update as soon as possible. Stay safe out there.


Awesome. Thank you, Bruce, for the update, if you haven't had a chance already get out by your membership, as you can see the proceeds go to a great cause, building more trails, updating the trails we have. The trails are amazing and the best shape they've ever been in, so get out, test the trails and get your membership. We're out having fun, enjoying the summer, trying the bikes, you guys get out, enjoy the fresh air and have a great day.

Come check out the newest Specialized e-bikes at Kelowna’s local sports store, where we can get you set up for all your summer adventures. Let’s get started.

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