January 07, 2021
Fresh Air Vlog: New Year, New Faces, Stride & Glide Fundraiser

Fresh Air Vlog: New Year, New Faces, Stride & Glide Fundraiser


Happy new year! New vlog, new you! Time for a new year's resolution! We are talking cross country and some exciting things we got coming up on this vlog. We are super fortunate at Fresh Air, we've had a ton of amazing employees coming through the doors. Unfortunately, we can't keep them all. Everybody's moving, life changes, new careers, school.

We are very fortunate to have a team member join us this year, Mia, super passionate about biking, history, and cross-country skiing. Very excited about getting alpine skiing and touring! So, here's Mia! Talk about a little bit about her history and her experience in BC so far.

Hello, my name is Mia. I've been working at Fresh Air for the past six months. I am from Thunder Bay. Yeah, I just recently moved out to Kelowna; I came out for the biking and the skiing as well. I'm from Thunder Bay, I raced for three years with the National Team Development Centre, skied two years on my own, and then yeah, I retired or I quit and now I'm just here. Here for the snow, here for the skiing. Now mostly just selling nordic and then, yeah hoping to enjoy the awesome skiing out in Kelowna up at Kelowna Nordic and Telemark, and just enjoying the trails out here. And yeah, it's going to be awesome. Yeah. So, so far I've skied up at Kelowna Nordic a few times. The trails have been awesome, and yeah. There's a ton of trails. The snow has been unreal. It's been awesome to get out this early in the season and so far I'm not quite as cold as I have been in Thunder Bay before, so it's good. I'm really liking it.

It's great to see things through other people's eyes. Having a new employee in the store bringing the passion, the excitement, about exploring a new trail that you might have overlooked, or taken for granted, or found something else. It's amazing to see! Mia is super excited about everything we do in the store and just getting out in the great outdoors, taking advantage of skiing and biking and touring. So it's great to have her on the team.

So, our next guest, quite the guy. I've actually known Lyle for a few years we worked together through a couple different organizations. He's always hitting me up for donations. So now, Lyle is part of Kelowna Nordic and of course Lyle's fashion, Lyle's kind of hitting us up. But it's always for a great cause. So here's Lyle, talking about Kelowna Nordic and their affiliation with the KGH Foundation.

Hi, I'm Lyle Nicholson. I'm a director with the Kelowna Nordic Club. We are about 15 minutes just south of Big White turn-off. If you haven't heard of us, we have 75 kilometres of incredible cross-country skiing trails, with 65 kilometres of snowshoe trails. And in that, we also have 24 kilometres of trails just for you and your canine to get out there. You can both get the COVID pounds off and have some fun. This year we are doing some different things. We've got an event; we used to do an event where we'd all go whip around cabins and then come and have chilli and hot dogs. We can't do that anymore. COVID is here, so what we've decided to do is a virtual event.

From February 14th to 21st, where we're going to go and you can come out and do whatever distance you want and record it. And once you have booked online, with Kelowna Nordic, you can, for ten dollars, you can be registered for the Stride & Glide. And then you can go and raise funds for the KGH Foundation which is the Kelowna General Hospital. All the money that is raised, all the money is donated, goes to advanced stroke care in Kelowna, right here in the Okanagan.

The other thing once you know is, anybody who signs up and raises a hundred dollars; there are some amazing prizes. I've got wine from wineries, I got seafood, I have restaurants. I even have dinner for four from the Upside Cidery with a 48-inch steak for the top team. So you find your bubble, your four people in your bubble, make a team and come out and win that steak. And we also have from our great friends here at Fresh Air, there's some really nice ski equipment they're donating from Madshus, Fischer, Tubbs, and Salomon. You can win that. All you have to do is come out, spend some time in the great outdoors on our lovely rolling trails.

All you have to do to register for this is: you go to kelownanordic.com and go to the events page. Click the events page. On the events page, you will see the Stride & Glide read all the way down, it'll show you how to enter. To register for this Strid & Glide it's a whole ten dollars. That's your entire cost. And then, you're going to be taken to a page for KGH Foundation and there you can sign up for your own personal page. Tell people who you are, put a cool picture of you, and then reach out to people, and tell them that you are there for KGH foundation. Once you've raised, anybody who's raised over a hundred dollars, and on, for these incredible prizes.

So I want to thank you all, for listening to this message and thank our title sponsor again, Nicola Wealth Management, and we hope to see all of you on the trails out there, having a wonderful time. Fresh Air, thank you.

Lyle's gonna have some work for the steak dinner, I've already signed up Amie and a few of her buddies to get out and cross country ski. She's been out we got some new skis for her this year so she's super fast. The Athena ladies actually have a program going at Telemark. They're always out enjoying the fresh air and Lyle, I'm gonna think of you so much on eating that steak dinner. Thank you.

So it's always an interesting time of the year. Before Christmas, normally we have a trip down to Vancouver to look at a whole bunch of clothing lines. This year, of course, it didn't happen with travel advisories. We had tons of zoom meetings, we had all of our clothing orders for next winter booked before Christmas, and now the fun starts. We're looking at all the hard goods, orders are due pretty quick. Awesome everybody, thank you very much. We had a great time over the holidays. Glad to see everybody in the store.

It's a new year, we're looking forward to seeing everybody, and again, thank you for your patience. Have a great day, enjoy the Fresh Air.

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