September 11, 2020
The Mayor's Summer, The Okanagan, Bike Lanes, and Trail Bikes

The Mayor's Summer, The Okanagan, Bike Lanes, and Trail Bikes

Here we go, a new vlog! Super exciting times, we've got some really good - I guess we're filming two vlogs right now! But we've got some pretty exciting guys biking, we got some pretty cool guests, I don't know! Here we go! Here we go!

So we all know how much Ryan loves these vlogs. The vlogs are like Ryan's "thing". His pride and joy right now. So when we first started out with this little "pet project"- it wasn't even started it was just conceptualizing what we're doing - *laughs* He always said, "One day, I'm gonna have the mayor come on". And I thought to myself, well I didn't really think to myself, I actually said this to him, "That's never gonna happen. You're never gonna get THE MAYOR to come onto your little vlogs, ones where you talk about bunk beds and all this fun stuff." But, I have to say... Our next guest today? It's the mayor. Colin Basran.

So finally, here we are! Think it's vlog 15. We got the mayor! Way ahead of schedule.

Mayor Basran: Hi everybody!

Ryan: But he's here, super happy! And let's see how the mayor's summer was and what's going on for this coming winter. As we know, the pandemic came, changed everybody's plans. I know we're busy at the store, I'm sure the mayor and city council are super busy pivoting around, but aside from work it's family. I know for me, my family, we had a new baby going into it. It's just - I found it super relaxing. We got to spend more time with the family, break up our normal routine we'd have. So how was your family? How is the shock of not going to school?

Mayor Basran: Fair enough! That's a bit of a loaded question, cuz remind me, how old are your kids?

Ryan: Six months, three years, and seven years.

Mayor Basran: Ok, so with the seven-year-old you had some homeschooling right? Or somebody in your household had some homeschooling to do, so.

Ryan: French homeschooling.

Mayor Basran: Oh wow!

Ryan: Yeah, me no parlez.

Mayor Basran: So, that being said, my kids are nine and seven. And so, let me tell you - I have a whole newfound respect for the teachers of our community and in this world, because homeschooling was not fun. And some of us have joked that now that us parents have had to homeschool for a while that maybe we should be honoured with honorary teaching degrees - but all kidding aside, that was, that was difficult. So that was one of the many aspects of COVID hitting our community, but it also created not only a little bit more stress but a lot more fun too. For myself personally, when my wife works then I would typically stay home with the kids. And so, because we didn't want our kids in childcare, and so that really gave me an opportunity to spend time with my children that I probably would not have had otherwise and so while I appreciate that yes, COVID has been very difficult and very challenging for a lot of people, including entrepreneurs like yourself for me it's allowed me to spend more time with my kids and its really allowed me to reset what truly is important and what I can say moving forward is, y'know because a lot of my time is spent meeting with people and various other things, and my interaction with people likely won't change but how I interact with people will change. Can we, instead of meeting in person, can we just do it over a phone call or a zoom call instead? And working from home I think is something I'll do a lot more of now too. So I'm, my tan is as dark as its ever been because I've been at the beach or in the lake or hanging at a friend's swimming pool cuz a- friends with pools and boats are way better than actually owning each of those yourself. And so the kids and I have had a ton of fun this summer.

Ryan: Nice. It's amazing, we actually got a little vacation in. So we headed to the island, I'd never been to Vancouver Island before. So we got out exploring a bit. My son Jack's been camping with his grandpa a ton. So it's been fun exploring everywhere. I know for us it's been a chance, we haven't really gone out eating a lot. Y'know we've been down to Bernard getting some ice cream, a lot of take-out. So we've been getting tons of food from different restaurants, SkipTheDishes has been super popular in the household. Especially with the newborn that's understandable. And mostly on my nights to cook *laughs* Apparently I'm not that good. But, what have you guys found? What have you been up to in the summer?

Mayor Basran: Yeah! So as I mentioned, you know, we've been spending a lot of time at the beach. We've hit up probably every beach and beach access in town. And then you know, a lot of like hikes and walks. I was pretty stoked actually, I'm sure you'll appreciate this. So my seven year old son rode his bike up Knox Mountain for the first time in his life this summer.

Ryan: No way.

Mayor Basran: So we've done it twice. I think the first time he did it, he had to stop maybe three times? And the second time we did it he only had to stop twice. So he's on par with me! So that's been pretty cool! He loves being on his bike. And then we also like hiking, so Crawford Falls is always a favourite. To be able to just walk in the creek, cool off, and then just chill at the falls, have a nice lunch. So we've been doing a lot of that stuff. We have been outside so much and so often, and I think that it's given everyone in our community sort of a new-found love of all the great amenities that we kind of take for granted because we live here. And so it's been really awesome to see, and I will say this too- not to get too technical, but like a lot of the pedesterian and cycling counters we have spread out around our community - numbers are up everywhere. And so it's pretty cool to see people out doing things that maybe they really wouldn't, or commuting via ways they wouldn't normally. So it's been pretty neat. Yeah, it's actually amazing. This brings up another point we had, was me driving around between both stores all the time, it seems like no matter which way I go in Kelowna there's construction. And always in the summertime! Why always in the summer? Well there are reasons for that but we're not gonna get into those. Yeah, then you hit Harvey and there's traffic.

Ryan: But! The thing I like, it's all the bike lanes going in in the city. It's amazing, they're everywhere. I know for us we get out quite a bit as a family biking, trailer, trail-a-bike. It's just fun to go and know you're safe and get around town. It's amazing seeing Kelowna just embrace cycling. Yeah.

Mayor Basran: Thank you, it's something we're really proud of and but we still have a long ways to go. Because we know that we want to, well there's two objectives really. One, it's for the recreational cyclist. We want people to get out just for the heck of it and be active. But we also want people to be getting around our community differently when they're commuting. And so we have a lot of work to do in order to make strides. Because in order for people to change their behaviour and commute differently, particularly as it pertains to cycling, they want to be on separated bike paths away from traffic. And that's understandable. So we're making some good headway. There's still a lot of work to be done. But I'm really proud of it. I mean, Ethel and another phase is almost done. Another one yet to come. Sutherland Avenue keeps going. And what's cool is we continue to learn every phase. So if you go back to where Ethel first started and the standard and the way that was built is entirely different than the phase that's being built now. And we're getting more efficient and by doing that it's going to allow us to actually go and protect more cycling lanes in our community. And so stay tuned because there's going to be a lot of key connections made. Probably the biggest one we need is between the rail trail and the Mission Creek Greenway. That's one that's coming. And a few others but I'm really excited and I hope it's gonna help people change their behaviour and change how they get around our community.

Ryan: It's a very small world, we're sitting here, Colin actually worked at Island Snow! We had Scotty on a while ago talking about snowboard videos and stuff- Colin worked with him!

Mayor Basran: I did, I used to work at Island Snow back in the day. Yeah, it was a ton of fun.

Ryan: And he's a snowboarder! It seems like everywhere I go everybody's like, "I have kids so I'm going to leave snowboarding and go skiing, ski with my kids and never come back", so it's fantastic to have another snowboarder on here!

Mayor Basran: I will admit though, I have had that thought. But I haven't switched yet, don't know if I will but I have had that thought. That's all I'm going to say.

Ryan: Honestly, can't beat snowboarding on powder day. Very true. You know? Just that slash, it's amazing. Like, what do you do with your sticks? They fly around. Exactly. Yeah. Fair. But anyhow, Big White, everybody- all resorts, they're opening. You know, they've got protocols, they're all opening. Winter is still coming. The world's not ending. And Farmer's Almanac; it's going to be amazing. They said "wild west". Wet wild west. It's going to snow a ton, lots of precipitation. Farmer's Almanac is never wrong! Your family excited?

Mayor Basran: We are. We have really loved Big White. It just, great time spent, even just the drive up and the drive back. Although usually I'm the only one up for the drive back. But that's ok. But it's been such great family time and even the days where - you know my son plays hockey as well, my daughter plays indoor soccer. So even on the days where they have those usually it's early enough that we can still go get the afternoon in at the hill. So we're not the first track type of folks, I know, I know that might be sacrilegious to some, but we're still getting up there and it's just been amazing for our family to be able to spend time up there. And the kids picked up skiing really quick which was great. And they're pretty much faster than I am now. They just like to rip and Dad's all timid and old and not wanting to hurt himself, but hey that's the way it goes. That's how you know, the transition of life.

Ryan: They're young they bounce, they don't feel pain.

Mayor Basran: Exactly. You know the knees just aren't quite the same after a day of riding moguls in the trees.

Ryan: Definitely not. Where's the secret spots at Big White? You know I've been there, snowy days, riding the powder chair and there's nobody around! Like, this is amazing - the wind's blowing, you're freezing up there. Where does everybody go?

Mayor Basran: Haha, we are definitely, and I'm not just saying this to humor you, we are definitely fans of the black forest, for sure. We love it over there. The terrain, the snow, I don't know it just seems to be magically less wind over there. I don't know if that's true or not, but it sure seems like it. And I would say most days you could certainly run into us in there, for sure.

Ryan: Perfect! Thank you Colin for coming in! It was pretty short notice, we got the text like, this morning. We've been working on it for a while.  But, thank you very much for coming in. You guys are doing a fantastic job in the city, pretty excited to get out and explore the bike lanes and not to mention we didn't even talk on it, but the mountain bike trails at Knox. Yep. They're amazing, y'know early season, late season trails are prime. So, awesome.

Mayor Basran: Well, thank you Ryan I appreciate the opportunity and I'm glad it worked out! And you know what too? I just want to say to you and those like you, those entrepreneurs in our community, thank you for all you do. Because you're creating local jobs and I know right now it's not the easiest time to be owning a business and I just want to thank you for your commitment to our community.

Ryan: Thank you very much.

So our next guest today is somebody who has been working at the store for the last couple of years. You've probably seen him come in, he's super super keen on bikes and anything bikes and just. When I met him, he was just this little kid in the bike park. So today we have Max Halchuk here.

Hello, my name is Max Halchuk, I'm a downhill racer from Kelowna BC. And these are my bikes. This is a Trek Session 99, 29 inch wheels. Full rock shocks and ceram suspension drive train. Deity cockpit, bars and stem. WTB hightail pro saddle and Sensus light grips. It was built to be my 2020 race bike but due to COVID-19 I've been riding it at SilverStar most of the summer and Big White. Just getting used to the downhill tracks and getting ready for next year.

And this is my Trek Slash. It is mainly my off-season and spring training bike. And just my trail bike throughout the summer. It has a 2021 Fox 36, it's running great. It's the brand-new model that they just came out with this year with the new dampers and crown. Fox X2 shocks, Deity cockpit, bars, stem, and saddle. Sensus light grips again.

Three years ago I started mountain biking. My first-ever race was the Enduro-Race at Crawford Trails here in Kelowna. I had a great time there, got second, pretty much fell in love with racing from then. Started talking at Fresh Air, started working here, started riding alongside and with the Fresh Air group and family and I've just been riding with them since. Started racing higher-end races such as Canada Cup and BC Cups, enjoying downhill racing and seeing where it takes me.

Max is super excited about biking. You've gotta check out his Instagram, the kid is. I mean he's only been riding for a couple years, the kid's on fire. He's like hitting jumps and doing stuff that obviously I would never do.

So, we've gotten lots of emails, lots of people coming in. You know you're helping them out and they're like, "How's the bunk beds? How's this going on?". You know Al, you're amazing. I've still not done the bunk beds. I tried a little maneuver, it's like I show Amie something shiny over here and we divert away from the bunk beds but it's coming back to haunt me because the kids are going to school, it's fall time. Amie's got this thing, it's like we've gotta wrap everything up before winter. So now I've gotta like, we've gotta get the bunk beds done. But we've also started some stuff in the bathrooms. The little, y'know, like to say I call it a renovation but it's like lipstick. Y'know a little paint, new floor, new cabinets.

So as you go, it's now September. Seasons are changing, ski is starting to arrive. We're finally getting some more bikes in! It's an exciting time. And we are working away at opening our other store. So please stay tuned for that, it will be open! It's not closed. We're just waiting for product to come in. So everybody, cross your fingers! Read the Farmer's Almanac because they're always right! It is gonna snow and enjoy the last bit of summer! It's gonna be winter before you know it.

Thanks again, get out and enjoy the Fresh Air.

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