Fresh Air Athena


Fresh Air Athena is a women's cycling club where women can come together in a fun, supportive, and empowering environment to develop and continually build on their fitness, confidence and knowledge, whether you are a  beginner, intermediate, or expert rider.



($179.99+ GST)
What do you get when you join Club Fresh Air Athena? You get riding partners, support and coached rides. You get to be outside on your bike with the wind in your hair and sun on your face.

  • No Drop Group Rides
  • Ride Club Jersey
  • Monthly post-ride social events
  • Special events catered to riding and bike maintenance
  • Level 1 Safety tune to get your bike ready for the season
  • A group of friends who support your riding goals



5:30 pm from Fresh Air Concept
(Except Holiday Mondays)

This ride is open to all!  We will start with about an hour ride and work up to a longer ride as daylight permits. The goal is to have fun, grow confidence riding in a group and encourage safe riding on the roads.

We will focus each week on a specific skill which might be something like how to change a flat tire when you forgot your cell phone, or how to change gears nice and smoothly. 

There are 3 groups based on skill level for this ride:

A This is a Faster paced group for riders who are experienced and looking to get your heart rate up a little. Typically is a 30km/hr paced ride

B This group is for ladies who are comfortable on a bike and would like to get more comfortable riding in a group with similar riding abilities. Typically goes the same route as the A group, just at a more relaxed pace.

C This is a great group for ladies who are just starting out, or nervous about riding in a larger group. 


5:15 PM Fresh Air Concept

This year we are introducing a Hill Climb to our weekly rides! If you have thought about tackling the Big White Hill Climb in July, or are looking to build some leg muscles, this is a ride you will want to join. 

This ride will be lead, but it is not for the faint of heart. We are asking that you are comfortable riding with A/B group and have some experience climbing hills. 


5:45 PM Fresh Air Concept

This is a moderate tempo, no drop ride leaving from Fresh Air Experience on Harvey that will take you up into the hills in South East Kelowna and out around the Airport and back. 


9:00 AM Fresh Air Concept

Is the Gran Fondo in Penticton a goal of yours this season? Are you looking to get in a little more distance on the weekends? This is the ride for you! This is a no-drop co-ed ride, with distances starting at 40km and building each week. We will post the route on Strava a couple of days before so you know where we will be heading.