January 15, 2020
Powder Skiing, Demo Days, and Brian's Ski Quiver

Powder Skiing, Demo Days, and Brian's Ski Quiver

Ryan: Hey guys, welcome to Fresh Air year 2020!

I'm Ryan, we're going to try a little something different this year than what we've done in the past years.

We're doing videos.

We used to do email blasts, used to do ads, sale ads, promotions. Honestly, I don't even know if people read it. It kind of got blurry, created a lot of work. So we're trying something different.

For the last three months, I've got this crazy obsession with YouTube. Especially van life. We're gonna try something different, we're gonna try and explore our personalities and store, kinda tell you guys what's going on. Like day to day, week to week. And just kinda give you guys an idea of what we do every day.

Right now today's January 10th. We've been very blessed. We've had some amazing snow. I've actually taken all the managers out, we just did a cat ski in Nelson. It was a huge thank-you for the work they did over December, over the holidays. It was super busy in the stores. Part of our job is trying to get everybody else out on the hill so lots of late nights, early mornings. They did a fantastic job.

Every year it's always the first Saturday and Sunday after New Year's we do the Nordic demo, Nordic super demo at Telemark. Last year we added one at Nickle Plate. So this year we're at both cross-country places. January 4th and 5th we had all of our manufacturers out, Rossignol, Salomon, Madshus. It was great. Brian and Matt were out having fun.

We're doing one more demo, January 18th up at Kelowna Nordic. The snow is fantastic right now. The snow on the trails is going to be amazing. Come out, try some new skis, talk to Brian and Marty. Join us, we're there from 10 til 2 on January 18th at Kelowna Nordic.

Okay so one thing we're gonna focus on, we're gonna talk about the staff. We're gonna focus on their gear. So seeing that we're talking about nordic demos, we've got another nordic demo coming up. The first one we're gonna focus on is nordic with Brian. He's been super excited he's been chasing powder every day off he's in the car somewhere so we're gonna sit down, let him show us his quiver both of alpine and nordic, see what he's using.

Brian: Hi, I'm Brian. I work at Fresh Air Pandosy here in Kelowna. And this is my ever-growing collection of skis.

We'll start off with that line Pescado. Nice, fat ski, tons of rocker in the front end, very unique swallowtail shape. Super pivot-y on the slopes and the swim like absolute fishes in the deep deep pow'.

My daily driver; that line Sakana, again another swallow-tailed ski. Bit of a theme going on here. Super short turn radius, 105 mil underfoot, fast enough edge-to-edge, compliant enough in the moguls.

Moving on to the nordic section. Yes, I nordic ski. Quite a bit, actually. My two favourite nordic skis out of the bunch, that Redline IGS 2.0. Super short skin on it, excellent glide, really lightweight.

And that brand new Redline 2.0 skate ski, brand new sidecut to it. Super stable, super light, all-around good time.

Ryan: Yeah, you can see Brian loves his cross-country skis, loves his powder skis. He's super passionate about being on the mountain. Ever since he's been out west, he's touched the snow every single month. It's a goal of his.

We're going to be posting videos maybe every ten days, every two weeks. Not really sure the schedule, but keep an eye out! We're gonna try to keep it fresh and just have fun.

Enjoy the outdoors.

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