April 29, 2024
Fresh Air Mini Vlog 13: On Location at Predator Ridge talking bikes, bike trails and races

Fresh Air Mini Vlog 13: On Location at Predator Ridge talking bikes, bike trails and races



Well here we go guys. We're on tour, we're on location out here at Predator Ridge helping set up the bike shop for the season. It opens on May 3rd. We just got a whole new fleet of Turbo SL Levo's in stock so you want to try out some new technology, try some new amazing trails, come out here get a bike. Grab a pizza when you're done, it's phenomenal. They've got a bike wash station, they have everything you need here to go biking and clean up to go home afterwards. You gotta come out and try it. Mountain Biking isn't your thing? They got rail trail e-bikes too. You drive up here, they drive you down. Pick you up, you can go from each end of the lake. Grab an ice cream cone, ride back here or they just added in a brand new trail. You can ride on Commonage down through. There's a little tunnel going under the highway. There's everything here, come out it's phenomenal and you can kick a bucket of balls here too. Events going on in the shop. We couldn't attend last week we were a little short staffed but MTBco has their kickoff down at Red Bird. I heard it was phenomenal and really good turn out. Hope everyone has their memberships for this year. Get out and enjoy the trails. Also for us we have the Pace Trail Run, Wild Horse Canyon package pickup friday night at the store. Race is on the weekend and Cherri Tri. Tri season is kicking off, we got package pickup on Saturday, race is on Sunday. If you're not racing maybe stop by and cheer everybody on. It's always a good exciting event to get the season going. And just getting out and enjoying the fresh air.

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