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Purpose Built Gear

Roark was born from adventurous souls who desire to share their inspiring stories of travels and growth with the world. In doing so, the aim was to create essential travel-tailored gear to pack for travels. Roark is passionate about creating versatile clothing, so if you’re hopping from the trail to the bar, their seasonal collections of purpose-built gear—with functional styling details—will serve you well! While Roark works to incorporate sustainable fabrics and Fair Trade partners throughout each collection, durability, quality, and comfort form the cornerstones of their craftsmanship. Their collection is now available at Fresh Air’s sports stores.

Durable quality and comfort is the guiding light, while Roark continues to utilize and expand upon sustainable fabrics and Fair Trade partners throughout each collection.

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Apparel Inspired by Adventure

Inspiration is all around us, and Roark uses this concept to fuel the development of its products. Their crew is passionate about travelling; they select a destination to explore and test out their sporting goods ‘in action’ as they participate in adventure sports such as surfing, climbing, running, skating, mountain biking, and more. Their bold spirit of adventurism inspires the collection that gets released every season. Like Fresh Air Kelowna, Roark is all about the thrill of exploring, being challenged, and embracing the path to self-discovery daily.

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Sustainability Initiatives

Fair Trade Certified

While adventure and marking points on the map drive Roark’s purpose, they are also fair trade certified. For every Fair Trade Certified™ product sold, Roark pays an additional premium directly back to the workers who made their athletic apparel. Roark is a team that cares deeply about the surrounding community's well-being; they collectively vote to decide the appropriate allocation of project funds in conjunction with local needs, securing their families and children for current and future generations.

Giving Back to the Community

When Roark’s team embarks on a journey, a critical objective is to find ways to give back to the local community, depending on their needs. A significant part of their mission is to leave a positive footprint on the places they travel to for inspiration. No matter the community's environmental, humanitarian, or social needs, Roark rises to the occasion.