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A Different Perspective

Drawing inspiration from California's sunny and sandy coasts, Vuori develops activewear collections related to fitness, surf, sport, and art. They aim to create long-lasting products encourage individuals to live vibrant, healthy, fulfilling lives. Performance apparel takes on a new form with Vuori, promoting a brand and wholesome living.

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Experience the Extraordinary

Vuori is all about providing an exceptional experience for its customers, similar to Fresh Air Kelowna! The driving force behind this is ensuring that its customers are happy because it’s more than just a product guarantee. It forms the backbone of their philosophy on business and life. They focus on being present and invested in the happiness of their teams, communities, the natural environment, and each other. Vuori has three grounding principles that govern their actions: making excellent products, being in great relationships, and living extraordinary lives.

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Three people sitting on top of a travel vac having a drink and doing cheers. The background is a beach with sand, water and blue sky.

Protecting the Planet

Called by California’s coastal lifestyle and strengthened by its core values, Vuori believes that we’re all happier on a healthy planet. As a result, they developed a dynamic program to serve the best interests of our planet, thereby creating a better future through fulfilled commitments, high-quality sporting goods, and great relationships with the surrounding environment and communities.

United in Active Living

Vuori was born in the gorgeous city of Encinitas, CA, their background and playground for active living. They are a business founded on strong values that promote healthy relationships while bringing together people from all walks of life to share positive, holistic experiences.

A girl walking up a set of stairs outside wearing a warm winter Vuori jacket.