May 30, 2022
Easy Ways To Make Your Mountain Bike Last Longer

Easy Ways To Make Your Mountain Bike Last Longer

Your bike is like an extension of your body and, just like your body, you want to keep it in top shape to perform its best for as long as possible. You might have the idea that your mountain bike has an expiration date from heavy use, but technological advancement, as well as a few tips and tricks, can help prolong the life of your favourite ride. 

Preventative Mountain Bike Maintenance

Just like taking your car to the shop to prolong its life, preventative bike maintenance keeps things running smoothly and allows you to catch problems before they arise. Plus, some of the things you can do to protect your bike are also some of the easiest. 

1. Keep It Clean

If you’ve gone on a gnarly ride on the Kelowna mountain biking trails that left you — and your bike —- covered in dirt, it’s worth giving it a clean at the end of the day, no matter how wiped you are. Dirt and debris will wear down your bike components. A quick wash using clean rags or a gentle spray of the garden hose will do in a pinch. 

2. Special Attention To The Drivetrain

The drivetrain on your bike is key to its longevity. When the drivetrain isn’t taken care of, the rest of your bike can begin to degrade, starting with the chain. Give it a regular cleaning throughout the season or after a mega messy adventure. 

3. Keep It Covered

This seems like a no-brainer, but store your bike in a garage away from the elements, if possible. Prolonged exposure to different weather can take a toll on those precious bike components. If you can’t get it indoors, at the very least covering it up with a tarp will do wonders for keeping dirt and water out.

4. Materials

Steel frames used to be the go-to and are still a great option, but aluminum alloys and carbon fibre frames have really pushed their way to the front of the line.  The durability, weight (or lack thereof) and rust resistance you’ll find on bodies like the 2022 Specialized SJ Comp or the Trek Slash XT are amazing. What these specialists have done with materials these days is mindblowing for your ride. 

Need a hand getting your bike in shape? Book a tune-up with the bike shop for peace of mind. We’ve got three levels of service to cover your bases, from bike wash to safety checks and more.

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