June 20, 2024
Grab Your Running Shoes, Kelowna! The Midsummer 8k is Back on July 14th

Grab Your Running Shoes, Kelowna! The Midsummer 8k is Back on July 14th

Did you know that the very first Midsummer 8k run was held in 1985? A Fresh Air Kelowna favourite today, back then the race was called the Pre-Regatta Run and was actually a 10km course.

“At the beginning, there weren’t many road races; it was more of a novelty,” recalls Interior Running Association President, Cindy Rhodes. “People were starting to run and found it was an easy thing to do that also brought the community together.”

Almost forty years later, the Midsummer 8k still brings runners of all ages and levels together to enjoy the beautiful Okanagan Lake scenery and raise funds for the UBC Okanagan Heat cross-country running team. 

From first-timers to Olympians

Our running store in Kelowna is a proud sponsor of the Midsummer 8k, which is truly an all-levels and ages race.

The eight-kilometre distance covers a mostly flat course, and some people choose to walk it. There is no pressure to compete, creating a very fun, casual atmosphere. 

It’s designed for everyone to enjoy but still a certified race and that’s part of what makes it so unique. “We're meeting the needs of both the elite and the casual runner,” Cindy explains.

“After the main race, there’s also the Strong Kids run while scores are being tabulated and it creates a really family-friendly atmosphere.” 

UBCO Heat coach and marathon Olympian Malindi Elmore as well as Olympian Trevor Hofbauer come out for the race, making it a unique opportunity to participate in an event shoulder to shoulder with some of the country’s top runners, without any of the pressure to perform. 

“It’s a community-supported event and a very inclusive run,” says Cindy who has participated countless times. 

A podium for all ages

A unique feature of the race is the multiple podium opportunities based on age in five-year increments, starting at ages 0-19, then 20-24, etc. all the way up into the 80-year-old categories. 

“We've got some people participating who are in their 80s,” says Cindy. “You get to celebrate so many different people, it’s inspirational.”

Register for the Midsummer 8k

The Midsummer 8k is also a BC Road Championship event and the penultimate race of the 2024 IRA Road Race Series.

The race takes place Sunday, July 14 at 8:00 am at Boyce-Gyro Park. Register today!

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