November 16, 2021
Fresh Air Vlog: Mamas for Mamas Holiday Drive, MTBco Update & Jordan’s Top Board

Fresh Air Vlog: Mamas for Mamas Holiday Drive, MTBco Update & Jordan’s Top Board

Here you go guys, we got a new vlog. We’ve got a guest on today, a very special lady. We're all super excited. 


I just wanted to quickly say that both of our locations in town are drop-off centres for the Mamas for Mamas holiday drive. We're taking in items such as baby formula, diapers, hygiene items, socks and underwear, unopened toys, gift cards, anything that can help out some local families during this holiday season.


On another note, Pete, I know you came through, I forgot your little gift card at home. Sorry, cleaning out my wallet. But when you come through it's at the store, it's in the cash. It's got your name on it, buddy, didn't forget about you. 

So on the Olar side, it was fantastic. For the very first time, my parents got to meet Luke. It has been a year and a half, almost two years. They have not seen Luke except on FaceTime. It was amazing. They came out kind of surprised us. Two-week vacation. It was phenomenal having them here kids were amazing. Jack and Avery were super excited. Got a couple of trips to Grandma's favourite store. But all in all, it was a fantastic trip. Can't wait for them to come back in the springtime and actually golf in some warmer weather. 

Even though we're still middle of November. And we're praying for snow and cold weather. I cannot describe how fantastic the mountain bike trails have been lately. Ever since restrictions kind of lifted a bit. The guys have been doing some work on trails. The trails are amazing corners are amazing. Sometimes it gets a little sketchy with leaves and wet roots, but trails are in fantastic shape. 

Just want to say the mountain bike club this year, set a lofty goal of 600 members. They smashed through it. I think the last count I heard was 925 members. So again, thank you everybody for supporting the club, this goes a long way into creating more trails, rebuilding the trails we have, and creating the cycling community. Today we have Bruce remotely talking about what we've got going on. Finishing up this year, some events they did and what's going forward for next year. You know, events, trail days, everything on the calendar. So here's Bruce talk about next year at the MTBco


Hey everyone, Bruce here from MTBco. We hope you've been out there enjoying the fall riding, it's been fantastic dirt and a great conclusion to a great year. The Fall Fundero was a great success, thanks to all who came out and participated and to all those great volunteers. Membership I'll touch on it again is going really well. We're north of 925 members and almost to our goal in 2022 of 1,000. 

Big shout out to all the shops: Fresh Air, Cycle Path, Kelowna Cycle, for getting their group memberships. Hopefully, you can get all those individuals signed up. And for any of you families out there who have family memberships, please get your individual members signed up, and hopefully, we can hit 1,000 before December. 

For upcoming events, we have two main things: One is there are still a few trail days you can take part in so keep an eye on your email and our social media. And please get out there and move some dirt before the snow hits. And secondly, we have our annual general meeting on November 24, at 7 pm. It's going to be an online event. Keep an eye on your email and our social media for reminders and updates. 

We're looking for some additional board members this year. So if you're interested, please get in touch with us via the website. In order to take part in the AGM. You will be required to have your username and password when you sign up for your membership. We will be sending out an email and some reminders on that coming up soon. And thanks a lot. 


Awesome. Thanks, Bruce. It is always great to see the passion these guys have for mountain bikes and the mountain bike community in general. Get out, enjoy the trails. They are amazing right now. Before you know it, snow's flying, the bikes are put away. Get out and enjoy the last little bit while you can. 

So it's finally that time of year we can get back into our staff rides. If you’re curious about the best ski gear and snowboards this season, our staff really know their stuff. Today, we have Jordan. Jordan came to us, he was a bartender. He's like our Tom Cruise in the shop. You always got to watch out he's flipping tools always working on bikes. You never know what's going to happen. Here's Jordan to talk about his pick for this year, and why he chose the snowboard he did.


Hey, my name is Jordan. I work here at Fresh Air in the shop. I'm here to talk about this new snowboard. It's a Nitro Santoku. Santoku is like a utility knife in Japanese, but it's kind of like all-mountain, do it all kind of board. It's a twin tip board, true camber, so yeah, I like riding a lot in the trees and in the powder. So I think the sink should do the trick.


Awesome. Not only can you find Jordan out on the hills, but he’s also still riding mountain bikes quite a bit right now. If you see him on the trail say hi. If not, you'll see him on the slopes. Thanks a lot, Jordan. 

Awesome guys, we've got lots going on. But thank you, everybody. Get out, enjoy the fresh air. Last little bit of dirt before it snows.

Hop on that mountain bike and hit the trails to get the most of the fall weather. Fresh Air Kelowna is here to help you make the most of the outdoors. Get geared up!

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