April 22, 2024
Fresh Air Mini Vlog 12: What's in the box!? There's is some big buzz around this one...

Fresh Air Mini Vlog 12: What's in the box!? There's is some big buzz around this one...



Alright good morning guys. We delayed recording this guy. honestly I just wanted to see if Toronto was going to win a game it was going to change the whole theory. Toronto won now the world is safe. But, I hope you guys have been watching hockey. it's ben phenomenal hockey. Yes Toronto lost the game, but the games have been fantastic. Have you watched the Winnipeg jets. I didn't pick Winnipeg in our hockey pool. I took Colorado but hey, we got a little trash talking going on with everybody just with the staff hockey pool and it just adds a little bit of excitement in the shop. Talking about excitement, look at the baby we just got in today. We got a brand new Electra bike, can't tell you what it is right now but follow our stories. We're gong to take this for a test ride pretty soon. We're all pretty excited to have this in the shop, we got two coming right now and there is more coming down the road. And I hope you all got your memberships for MTBco it is, seasons kicking off. This Saturday, next Saturday we got trail days. Get out, follow the website and social media, see where they are. I know ones at Gillard, one's at Crawford. And next Sunday at Red Bird Brewery, is the kickoff. All the bike shops are going to be down there, talk some bikes. If not maybe you can grab pizza and a beer. It's going to be a fun afternoon on a Sunday why not come down and join us all in the parking lot for a good time. Anyways, I hope everybody's out enjoying the sunshine and the great trails. Just get out and enjoy them, enjoy the Okanagan, and enjoy the fresh air.

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