June 18, 2024
Fresh Air Mini Vlog 20: Across the Lake Swim demos and Summer Sale happening in-store

Fresh Air Mini Vlog 20: Across the Lake Swim demos and Summer Sale happening in-store



Good morning, happy Monday. Happy Father's Day to everybody. Hope you had a great weekend. Fortunately the weather didn't cooperate but the trails are in amazing shape. The moisture is much needed. Busy weekend for us, we had our first Across the Lake Swim demo Saturday morning. Hope the lake warms up, congratulations to them for getting in the water. Not my cup of tea this early but hey, congratulations. Across the Lake Swim every Saturday morning, 6 o'clock in the morning and also we had Conquer the Lake Half Marathon on Sunday on Father's Day. An amazing event, huge turnout compared to last year. 

Congratulations to Jen the race director. Fantastic job, and I had something fantastic come across my desk that came in this weekend. Our friends at Freedom Ride in Penticton, the Peach Enduro coming up. Check it out go to their social media. 

What's going on in the store, we still got our sale going on. We've got some stuff coming in you know what we got our first ski orders in already for 2025 going to hit their floor pretty soon. You've got to come in and see what's going on. Again, we've got car racks from Thule on sale, we got bikes on sale, accessories, bike shoes, bike helmets, sunglasses, goggles. You got to come in and see the deals we can't actually advertise them all on social media there's some being held back. You gotta come see what's going on, pick up a new ride and get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Time to get in on the action at our sports stores in Kelowna. We’re here for expert advice and the latest skis to get you out doing what you love. See what’s in store.

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